Dear Vejle fans,

I write this letter with sincere and deep emotion because I feel the need to greet you and thank you for all the support and love you have transmitted in these years to me, my staff and the team.

I remember as if today when, in the very first days of my experience here, Finn Johansen took me to visit the Vejle Boldklub Museum, at that moment I understood the importance of the task I was taking: giving all of myself, using every energy to help a club so glorious and rich in history to return to being competitive in the category that belongs to it: the Superliga.

Last season was an extraordinary and exciting ride, full of difficulties against very strong and motivated opponents. It was only thanks to everyone’s moving effort: players, staff, managers, employees, club collaborators and you fans who managed to reach an unthinkable goal at the start of the season.

Not so many times in the career of a coach and/or a player to win a championship, the memories of euphoria at the end of the game with the Thisted and the great party that you have organized on our return to the city, will remain forever the most beautiful and moving memories of my human experience even before as a football coach.

I am very sorry for not being able to achieve the results we wanted to achieve this season, despite the fact that the team has always played every game with great intensity and organization, still expressing very high levels of performance.

I am aware that unfortunately in football all this, at certain times, may not be enough and I go away in the hope that a change can allow to achieve the necessary results.

I feel obliged to thank everyone: the people who brought me to this club and allowed me to live this wonderful experience; all the players we have had in these two years that have always followed me with enthusiasm and dedication, I know I am a very demanding coach and attentive to the smallest details.

I understand the fatigue and difficulties you have encountered in being able to realize football ideas that I tried to send you, but it was thanks to your effort and your application that we managed to reach the level of football that everyone recognizes us, in particular, not being able to mention them all.

I thank the two Captains who have succeeded in these two seasons, Nicolaj Madsen and Jacob Schoop.

I thank all the employees and collaborators of the VB, you have touched the hardest task: to fulfill all my logistical and organizational requirements, thank you for the great patience and enthusiasm you have shown, it is only thanks to the effort of all of you that a club can do, in my opinion, a real and lasting leap in quality.

I thank the directors of VB, in particular Henrik Tonder and Jacob Kruger, who have always supported and favoured me, with whom I shared worries, anxieties, moments of discouragement and uncontrollable joy, with them we created a deep and sincere relationship of great esteem and respect that goes well beyond common working link.

Thanks to them, however, I got to know in depth and appreciate the reality of Danish football; in my professional life I was lucky enough to work in football on different continents; I think Denmark is a country, for traditions, sports culture, respect for rules and organizational level, ideal to allow a football coach to work with serenity and professionalism.

I thank all the technical and health staff with whom I have had the privilege of working in these two years, we have created a team characterized by a great harmony and in which the different cultures and experiences have always been an element of great enrichment, I thank Morten Bisgaard, extraordinary person and a great football expert, and Asger Pedersen, exceptional physiotherapist and enthusiastic collaborator.

Finally I address you fans, I thank you with emotion from the bottom of my heart for the enthusiasm, passion, support and love you have given me; every time I entered the pitch, at VB Park and especially away also in very far places, I looked towards you and I felt I would give my all to give you satisfaction and honor the glorious shirt we wear.

Continue to support the VB, the players and the new coach and I am sure that together you will reach the aim to remain in Superliga.

The roads of football are many and unpredictable.

Forza Vejle and farvel.